Monday, May 03, 2010

The latest Larry king "live" : are aliens a threat ?

You can find the video here

And here is a comment from a professional in TV editing :

Hey everyone. This is one of my first posts on this website. I really enjoy the conversations and most of the time the open thinking that is going on. I am commenting on this subject matter because it involves an area of expertise that I am involved with in my line of work. I am in the entertainment business and have done many of these talk show formats myself. Indeed it is a live interview meaning there are no stops and starts which in TV standards is still considered "live" but they are not always "broadcasted" live as they are happening... My point being is that on this particular occasion the graphics are edited into the show afterwards...sometimes minutes afterwards...this graphic should have been placed after the interviewee made the comment but instead was placed in before. It was indeed an error and an embarrassing one. Notice that they were not accepting audience call ins during that episode...which is always a good indication if it was "truly" live that night or not. It was still a good catch but the only thing we have proved is that Larry King Live isn't exactly as live as they sometimes claim to be...sadly.

Continue to keep your eyes is all changing.

The hole thing is staged as you can see , but we are getting there .

Little by little one of these days , we will have a true debate on ET ;)

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