Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Basics of quantum physics

The infamous double slit experiment .

Enjoy :)

DNA true nature

A Russian scientist had recently made some extraordinary discoveries
conserning DNA, i finally found the link :D

Here you can find the complete post and at the end you may notice
that now days , you can say it in what ever language you want , all
branches from science , philosophy , religion , history ,
archeology , they come up to pretty similar conclusions about how
the universe works and what are we doing here ^^

You may also say , like i do , that it was about time .

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The inconceivable nature of nature

Another great video from Richard Feynman .

Weekimage :D

Iris Seismic Monitor

Earthquakes are getting a pretty mainstream flood phenomena these days so i decided to find a site with real time seismic updates and a clear log to have a history of all events .

Here is what came out of the net :)

The alien races

Many of you allready know that we are not alone , we have never been alone and we will never be alone , but how many of you know the races out / in there ?

Here is a rather complete post with pretty much all of the known races in it , it makes a great bookmark when you read about lifeforms out of the ordinary , easy to spot them here and read about them , its kind of an alien Wiki .

As you can see we are far , far away from the Heinz 57 paradigm  ^^

News flash from David and Benjamin

You can find here a news letter from David Wilcock after an interview with Benjamin Fulford about the state of the planet now days .

Much stuff to go throw , i will updating this post with new findings and comments , if i can get my hand on any of them ^^  but after a quick read it seems ok , still very much surprised to see project stillpoint mentioned in this report .

You can go directly to the bottom of the page to listen the audio interview , have fun and namaste :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Interview with William Bramley author of the Gods of Eden

William Bramley was suggested as an author to focus in by Alex Collier in a great number of his interviews , and in particular his book named the Gods of Eden .

Alex Collier is for me the most gifted and reliable source on extraterrestial presence on , in and out of  earth out there.
I have viewd all of his inerviews and i am surprised to see new ones poping up every month , people out there seem to find it usefull this days to post them in a hurry and i am most great full for that .

Remember the first law of the univers , gain all knowledge :)

It's an incredible book that talks about human history and the shaping of it by the extraterrestrial presence , mainly by giving the testimony of our ancestors that is documented in regard of the emergence of new religions or movements , the break out of new diseases , plagues and such,associated with pics on ufo sightings on these areas .

People back then use to call them comets ^^

Coming from someone never evolved in the ufo phenomena and with an enormous main stream academia background behind him, it is very surprising , and it gives the opportunity to stay focus on facts , numbers and testimony's in a pure scientific way .

Here is a link to listen one of his latests interviews ( November 2009 ) and the opportunity to get a short peak of his book in audio format , but i insist , its a book worth buying and easy to read for all of you , involved or not in the ufo phenomena .

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Zeon Dessinateur

A very talented french artist found on facebook gave me the idea to post every week the weekimage.
So here we go :)

So how did they come here , fast .

Here is a video that actually proves the way they do it with the earth size ships ++

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know...

You can find them here , videos included ;)

The sad part of the story is that there are like another 1.000.000 and those ones we will have them in one full swing ^^ very shortly .

I wonder how deep one should dig to escape that ...

Brad Johnson

Brad is a guy i stop buy everytime i open up my mac .
I strongly recommend to add his youtube channel on your favorites , he keeps an eye to everyday events , makes videos and keeps a positive state of mind no matter what, and this is exactly what everybody must do because remember:

-You are creating your own reality ;)
-And it can only be better after the shift do to the rubber band rule

Here is his latest video i find most inspiring and revelating.
There is so many people out there that are trying to find out what is happening on this planet and where are we going with this 2012 thing ???
Well here are some answers from the Brad-point-of-view with witch i agree completely.

You can find his website here , its brand new he just started so be gentle , do not go away before viewing his modules videos, on the bottom of the homepage ( watch videos ).
As i writ these lines the N° 6 is about to come out so stay tuned , there is some amazing stuff in there so don't miss it for the world.

Nassim Haramein at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library 2003

Here you can find the hole presentation in 2 parts.

Part I & Part II

Its a 8 hours presentation , yes its very long but very , very fascinating , you will never be the same again after that ^^

I am viewing the hole and i will edit this post with time marks in order to navigate more easily in this large volume of information that covers many many things like fractals , the mechanics of the contraction / expansion of the universe and how we fit in , unified field theory , sacred geometry , crop circles , pyramids , alien visitations & contact and so much more .

Take the time to view it , believe me its worth the time , and search him on youtube  he doesnt sell these presentations , everything is free and just some clicks away ^^

Edit 1 : As you can see Nassim and the Andromedians have the exact same perspective about how the big bang works , click here for the video .

No wonder why the bad guys have a natural tendency to dig holes , this is exactly where they are going in 3 years from now, down the toilet in the big black hole^^

Monday, January 04, 2010

Just let go


Ever wonder how a ufo works ?

Its a 10 minute video from the AlienScientist or Jeremy ^^ trying to explain how the famous Roswell ufo worked before he crashed due to an accident , it seems that some high power military radar installations nearby caused the craft to crash miserably in the desert.

Jeremy is becoming a  main stream debunker this days and we can thank the MIT radio for that , its just wonderful what young people with open minds can do now days isn't it.
Here is the video and i invite you all to check out his youtube channel and to come back very often , he posts nearly every 3 days and the latest ones are from his radio interviews , this young man has a very promising future in USA radio and lets hope on TV .

Physisist , around 32 years old , an MIT student and a fun of the zeitgeist movement , he just finished his web site, his C.V. is a 5 star for me , i just love him :)

Sometimes we get really lucky , rod shape ufo 1/1/2010

More and more people looking up to the sky now days , cameras can be found even in very small portable devices such as mobile phones , and the hot spots for ufo filming are now well known .
So this year we open up with a very , very nice clear film of this ufo , enjoy :)

In the year 2010

things will happen :)

Find out why the human brain makes up time

TEDxAmsterdam: Wubbo Ockels from TEDxAmsterdam on Vimeo.

Apocalypse comes from the greek word apocalypto and i invite you to Wiki that :)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Zeitgeist Addendum

This is a film that talks about the monetary system , religion , constitutions that we face all the time , the push for the one world government , and why it is urgent to change .
Behind this film , viewed by over 60.000.000 people and counting is a movement , the zeitgeist movement which i follow for over 8 months now .
It's a bitch slap of truth and if you dont make it , its your own damn vault ;)

you can find in one piece here .

Free energy , overunity motors , zero point energy.

You can call them what you want , the fact is that they are real and making there way in mainstream media and hopefully in our every day lives .

Here is a small Irish company that took the step on launching it officially on the net before taking it in the market .

I present to you the Steorn Orbo technology.

Edit : Here is the site of a French engineer ho wanted to replicate the generator in his laboratory , and guess what , he made it work also :)
It is important to understand that technology like this one has no patent or binderies , everyone can replicate it and use it , its free for all humanity and one of the keys that will set us free.

Learn about the rules of the game by Richard Feynman

The Chess game

Why Didn_t Anybody Tell Me_ Video

Why Didn_t Anybody Tell Me_ Video

Our true history , Pyramids & Sun gods

Nassim Haramein is by far the most interesting physician out there at the moment imo .
Here is a 40 minutes video ( in 4 parts ) explaining why the pyramids are not human made.
For me those structures we find all over the world , on the surface of the earth or under seas was the very first spark to open up my mind on the possibility that history as we know it is more like a fairy tale far very very far from reality .
Feel free to use this videos in order to open up minds , it works really nice ;)

Here we go .

Best 10 min ufo vid out there

Wanna know about recent ufo history ?

This video is made for you :)

Disclosure Endgame by David Wilcock

Free ebook of 5 pages ( its more like 50 divided in 5 chapters )
taking a very close look at 3 things mainly :

- The Norway Spiral at Oslo December 9 2009 ( just hours before the Peace Nobel speach of Mr Obama ...)

- The new international coalition (the 3 factions that rule our world this days )

- The insider wars over disclosure

You can find it here , enjoy :)

This happens to be a VERY long document so if you dont have the time to read it just ask me about it , all questions are welcome .

(feel free to download it , it goes on 404 error very often this days...)