Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In the near future

In the near future we who are your brothers and sisters from other star systems will materialize some of our starships for all on your planet to observe. For some this will be a confirmation of their long-held knowledge of our existence. For many it will be a confirmation of their belief that Earth is not the lone inhabited planet. For others it will shatter their beliefs.

First of all let us reinforce that we come in peace. We do not come to frighten, or to impose ourselves upon you. We are your brothers and sisters from other planets. We come to assist the humans of Earth as your planet returns to its pristine state.

Governments around the world will be shaken by the appearance of our ships. No longer may they claim to be the highest authority. Their denial of our existence will cause people to question the legitimacy of their power. Ordinary people will begin to look at those who consider themselves superior in new ways and will no longer accord them their prior status. Ordinary people will now know that they have been lied to, as many in their governments have know of our existence for many years.

The media will similarly be criticized for its refusal to admit our existence and its cover-up. Our sudden appearance will cause some in the media to dig out earlier instances of contact and replay them as background, thus the misinformation and cover-up will become apparent for all to see.

The impact of our appearance on religions will be most immediately felt as they scramble to explain how to fit their antiquated belief systems into the reality of life not only on distant planets, but in plain sight in your atmosphere. The fundamentalists of all religions will attempt to turn our appearance into a fearful event, claiming we are evil and that this is the predicted end times. This is not the end; this is a new beginning. As we said earlier in this message, we come in peace.

There will be similar impacts on corporations who have hidden knowledge of us despite their the reverse-engineering of our crashed craft, on the members of the medical establishment who also have hidden their familiarity with us from having examined our fallen brethren, and on the energy companies who would keep you tied to fossil fuels despite the availability of other technologies. Science will be forced to revise many of its traditional theories, for we are violating many sacred tenets.

Our appearance is important, however the impact of our appearance is much more so. Take a moment now to think how it might change your life, and prepare yourself, for this event will happen soon.

I look forward to the appearance of the ships of my brothers and sisters.

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