Friday, May 14, 2010

The Wind Does Not Break a Tree That Bends.

The influence on Earth, Sun and Us, during these natural and rare EVOLutionary times, reminds me of an African proverb, ‘The Wind Does Not Break a Tree That Bends’.

Leading edge physics reveal that Infinite Light, best described scientifically as Fundamental Electromagnetic Quantum Energy and spiritually as Unconditional Love, responds to every human Belief Emotion Action Thought. The more people tune in to a certain BEAT or channel on Tell-A-Vision Earth, the higher the volume and quicker the outcome.

As nature influences commUNITY through extreme weather, and the economy, environment and other conditions shift globally, are you willing to put your BEAT on pause, long enough to explore what leading edge scientists, physicists, indigenous knowledge, world changing EVOLutionaries and deep spiritual truth reveal, about this rare comic wave of opportUNITY we are all riding now?

LOVE spelled backwards in EVOLution signals victory. This natural Shift of the Ages invites humanity to choose now, a new Era of Heart channel on Tell-A-Vision Earth. For more InFormation and ongoing UNI-versal Events visit

The BEAT of separation delays brilliance and a greater destiny. Joseph Giove, Founder and Executive Director of Common Passion and a growing field of global collaborators are leading ‘The Conscious Convergence … A Wave of UNITY’ on July 17, 18, 2010.

This is a CALL TO ACTION for UNITY consciousness to be expressed throughout the world and is a deliberate, collective intention and action by everyONE who chooses to participate. Help get the word out to others, learn more at

Whomever and whatever is out of alignment with Infinite Light unconditional love is rapidly rising to the surface, for everyONE to choose again from the heart. A New World Age calls for compassion, unity, collaboration and unconditional love now, BEFORE the Shift occurs.

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