Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Comments on Comet Elenin by Carl Calleman

The comet Elenin is about to enter the inner solar system and it seems to be synchronized with the Mayan calendar as shown in the YouTube presentation by Katihe Bechmann. I do not personally believe that this comet has anything to do with earthquakes on our own planet. I think we should keep our focus on the socio-spiritual transformation that the cosmic evolution scheme is now compelling us to take part in. Nonetheless, the fact that the orbit of this comet is synchronized with the Mayan calendar and its end date of October 28, 2011 may allow for a convergence of prophecies such as the return of Niburu and the three days of darkness that possibly now may come to make sense. I do not necessarily endorse the quality of science in these YouTube clips (if indeed anyone could at this point). Yet, I think the comet Elenin (what is in a name?) may serve to add a cosmic dimension to the evolution of consciousness that the Mayan calendar describes, which we may now want to ponder or reflect upon:

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