Friday, August 12, 2011

London Riots a Black Op

Here is a comment i left on this video :

The dollar is going down the toilet so they attack Europe , first England and now France , not mentioning German CDS ho went up to surpass the English ones for the first time in history 3 days ago .

It was getting so out of hand that some country's in Europe and soon all of them
had to ban naked short selling for 15 days in order to calm the market .

E.S.M. ( the European stability mechanism ) is set to go live at 27/09/2011 and shortly after the eurobond will become a reality , when that happens the dollar will loose his reserve currency status ( notice the spooky calm before the storm from the I.M.F. atm ) and the rating of the US will go down when it should be at CCC .

The pentagon does not like that so Europe must fail asap , witch is not that hard to do now , September is coming and judging from what i hear coming from Greece we will witness mass riots when people will come back from their vacations ( for those ho where able to get some ) and face the new troika "measures"

Europe will face a dilemma sooner or later , dodge the PIGS or at least some of them or go down with them , the situation is becoming critic at least in my country Greece and we will see the pressure evacuate this fall , for that i am sure of it .

Draghi will take the head of the ECB also in September ( ex Goldman SuXx scum ) and the first think he will try to do imo is to lower the interest rates on the ECB ( 1.50% atm ) making it less appealing to invest in the Euro , the dollar is getting slammed VS the euro for some time now so something must be done about that right ?

Call me crazy but the latest interview from Richard Dolan from Camelot got me thinking.
What if it is true that we are witnessing an all out war between the bankers and the Black ops community ? if this is true we are about to see more false flag events in the months to come maybe some earthquakes , things that will destabilize the global market outside the US giving the dollar another day of glory , if we see this in Germany it will be right on the spot .

And btw, with NATO getting slammed in Libya maybe they will stage a false flag attack and blame it on Kadhafi , will it be fun to watch that ? Berlusconni already said that him and his family are getting death threats from Kadhafi a couple weeks back .

The bankers need a strong currency in order to secure their belongings and the dollar does not fit the bill anymore so they are going for a new one and Europe with her eurobond mechanism is a part of it , this came to my attention after listening to John Perkins on red ice radio some weeks ago .

Now i must say that i am not for the success of Europe and all i hope is that it fails miserably but at the same time i do realize that the biggest cancer the world faces atm is the US and the hole Zionist agenda she pursues for the last 60 years of their existence .

So lets hope they kill each other in the proses so we can all go back to a normal life ^^

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